Time for Jagan To Put On His Thinking Cap

Time-for-YS-Jagan-To-Put-On-His-Thinking-CapWe are not even three months away from the Assembly Elections in Andhra Pradesh. Whether true or false, all the National Media Surveys predicted a thumping victory to YSR Congress. It looked like TDP is getting defeated at least in the perception battle. But things have changed drastically after Jagan completed his Padayatra the last month.

Naidu seized the moment and has been shelling out sops one after the other. The important part of it is he is making sure that he covers all the sections of the electorate in one way or the other. Increasing the Pensions and Pasupu Kunkuma targeting the around 60-65 Lakh people of the electorate is a masterstroke.

The best part of it is Naidu did not promise that later and has been implementing all that now. Ground Reports say that things have changed in TDP favour once again and YSR Congress had to force to announce increased Pensions and to arrange Public Meetings with Jagan to arrest the leak of Goodwill.

Experts opine that things have been slipping out of Jagan’s hands once again and TDP is gaining ground yet again. This may only get worse if Runa Mafi is completed and Annadata Sukheebhava is started. Jagan has to come out of something special to attract the people and it is not just hedging various schemes promised by Chandrababu.

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