Time for Telugu people to wake up!

The ruling of Brijesh Patel Tribunal deprived Telugu people of their rightful share of surplus waters of Krishna River. The failure of government appointed attorney to present the case of AP properly is said to be the main reason for this verdict. If this verdict is gazetted, it could prove hazardous for the farmers in 14 districts of AP and will turn their fields in to barren lands. But people as well as political parties seem to be negligent over this.

The entire state is totally immersed in emotional aspects like Telangana and is ignoring very important things like this. Its high time people come and agitate or else, we will have to import food grains from neighboring states. Central Government seem to be also not caring this issue. It is evident from the fact of Man Mohan Singh not giving appointment Chandra Babu Naidu who wanted to take this issue to the Prime Minister’s notice.