Tiktok Girl Dupes 31 Lakhs From Young Boys In HydDespite the increasing instances of cybercrime, there is an increasing number of ways in which youngsters are trapping people to get easy money. One such person happens to be Parasa Tanusree, 23, who is originally from the Krishna district. She was arrested along with her partner-in-crime Raviteja, 32.

Tanusree was active on Tik Tok and Instagram and would post videos based on film songs and dressing. She was running four Instagram accounts and garnered thousands of followers. Tanusree would then respond to comments personally and begin making friends with potential targets.

In the process, she made friends with a software engineer from Hi-Tech city. After becoming friends, Tanusree started off by saying her mother was ill and that she wanted money. The guy gave her money to the tune of around Rs 31 lakh. Finally, reality dawned on the techie and he lodged a complaint with the cyber police. After the inquiry, police arrested Tanusree and Raviteja.