Tickets Headache for TRS!
It is always good when leader queue in to join a party but the real challenge is faced only when there are too many aspirants for same seat. Same is the case with TRS right now. There are more than 2 aspirants in many constituencies and it is becoming difficult to convince all of them. TRS supporters are fearing that there may be rebels working against the party if ticket is refused.

Today the issue of Station ghanpur ticket erupted. Sitting MLA Rajayya and Kadiyam Srihari who shifted his loyalty from Telugu Desam Party to TRS are both expecting the same seat. The followers of both the leaders are taking on each other for the ticket. It is said that even a tussle took place on road regarding the issue. Rajayya is on his way to Hyderabad to complain about Kadiyam to KCR. Similar scenes are expected in many constituencies in Telangan region. Lets see how the TRS boss handle this situation!