YS_JAGAN_Mohan_ReddyToday marks the third year of 2019 election results. On the same day in 2019, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy became the second Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh with sensational 151 seats Majority.

151 out of 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh is Unbelievable and in the process, several heavy weights of TDP got trampled. For Janasena, Pawan Kalyan himself lost both the seats he contested.

Jagan Mohan Reddy should be invincible from there but cut to three years from then, every thing has changed. There is an Unbelievable anti-incumbency running across the state on Jagan in three years.

Most of this is self-inflicted because there are zero investments, zero new jobs, and no development at all in Andhra Pradesh. This coming from a young leader like Jagan has disappointed everyone.

Except for a small percentage of BPL families, no one is happy. All the rest have problems with Jagan’s mindset. The middle-class and upper middle-class families are totally disgruntled due to inflation and the freebies at the expense of their taxes.

The Government employees who stood as a rock support for YSR Congress are not happy because even their salaries are not coming on time. Farmers are unhappy due to the untimely payments after paddy procurement and the cancelation of all subsidies.

Almost everyone is offended when they travel on AP roads due to Bihar like roads here. Even the party leaders and cadres are worried about their pending bills.

Jagan realized the issue and had to go to Davos for an image makeover which is extremely difficult.

All this anti-incumbency is when the Opposition is so subdued and that will change in next two years which means the problems will only increase from here