Praja-Vedhika-Demolition-Today marks the third anniversary of Praja Vedhika Demolition in Undavalli. The Demolition has happened when CM Jagan Mohan Reddy ordered the Demolition of Praja Vedhika, a convention center to conduct review meetings with the CM.

Chandrababu Naidu has wrote to the Government asking to allot the structure for his Public interaction. Jagan grandlh announced that he would raze down all illegal structures in the state and will start with Praja Vedhika.

Three Years after that, the Demolition did not progress even to the illegal structures nearby. The JCBs have become the icon of YSR Congress party and were used to demolish the houses and establishments of Opposition leaders.

From Praja Vedhika to the recent compound wall of Former Minister Ayyannapathrudu, every demolition is about Vendetta politics.

With no single new construction and demolitions targeting only the Opposition, it is more or less the summary of Jagan’s three years rule.