Three Telugu Governors Who Saw Through Jayalalithaa's LifeThree Telugu Governors played important role in Jayalalithaa’s life. Marri Chenna Reddy was the governor when Jayalalitha was CM in the 90s. Both of them always locked horns as Jayalalithaa tried to cut him down to size while Chenna Reddy never displayed a great regard for her.

The other two governors are Rosaiah and Ch Vidya Sagar Rao. Rosaiah maintained extremely good rapport with Jayalalithaa that she even pressed for the Congress man’s second term with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But that did not happen. At the time of her death, Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao was appointed as in charge governor of Tamil Nadu.

He saw through the administration as Jayalalithaa was in the hospital for about 75 days before taking up the never ending journey. With Tamil Politics going to be extremely volatile from now, the new governor should be an extremely experienced and vigilant man.