Three Surveys: TDP Should Wake Up At Least Now!Three National media surveys have come in the last one week or so predicting that YSR Congress may come back to power in 2024 with slightly reduced but still big numbers.

TDP believes that Prashant Kishor who recently started the 2024 campaign for Jagan may be manipulating the surveys. It can happen as well but then, there is no way TDP can think like that.

Surveys can be authentic or fake. Except for those who conducted, no one really knows if they are influenced or not. So, it is better to consider them true.

If we do that, there are obvious indications that TDP has failed to cash in the anti-incumbency that is clearly visible.

There is a feeling in TDP that voters will naturally turn towards it if they are upset with Jagan Mohan Reddy. As a result, there is no activity on the ground.

Except for random tours of Chandrababu Naidu and very random tours of Lokesh, nothing significant is happening.

Except for the party’s fans on social media, no one is working to their potential in TDP.

For this very reason, people are not connecting to TDP and are not seeing a strong alternative to YSR Congress.

If there is a feeling in the people that TDP can not win, it will still benefit YSR Congress despite its anti-incumbency.

The lack of interest in TDP leaders and their zero activity on the ground is exactly making it happen if these surveys are to be believed.

In case Jagan opts to go for an early election in this situation, TDP will be in serious trouble. The sooner Chandrababu realizes, the better it is for the party.