YSR Social media supporters arrestedCBI has arrested two more accused in a case related to derogatory posts against judges and the judiciary on social media on Saturday. With these arrests, the total arrests in the case have reached five and all of them were produced before a court in Guntur.

The High Court registrar lodged a complaint with the local police after YSR Congress social media supporters posted abusive posts against the judges on social media. After finding local police not taking the case seriously, the High Court then handed over the case to the CBI.

After initial silence, CBI has taken the case seriously and is arresting those involved. The agency recently has questioned Devender Reddy Gurram, the ruling party’s social media in-charge. The party’s social media supporters are worried about these arrests.

Initially, they were hopeful that nothing would happen since they are working for the ruling party. Things have changed after the high court has become serious and deployed a central agency to solve the case.