Three Crucial Questions To YSRCP In Viveka's CaseThe Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case has come in handy for YSR Congress MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju to hit the Government. He said he feels sorry for Government Adviser Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy who was given the task to cover up Viveka’s murder in the media.

“I am asking three questions to Sajjala which are in the minds of the people. If you are not involved in the murder, why did you clean the blood? Why did you do the dressing to the wounds of Viveka? If someone killed Viveka, why did you bring up the heart attack theory?” Raghu Rama Krishna Raju asked.

“If Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy or someone from the Government answers this question, no one will question us or doubt us,” the Rebel MP said. Raghu Rama also requested Sajjala and the Government not derail the CBI investigation which is going impartially.

Meanwhile, there are rumors in the media that CBI will give notices to Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy in this case and may arrest him eventually.