Three Capitals: Jagan Working On KCR's Instructions?Andhra Pradesh Government has introduced a bill to repeal the AP Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Bill, 2020. The Chief Minister had announced that they would bring back the bill in a better form and after wide consultations. This sudden development has come as a surprise for everyone.

The Chief Minister called for an emergency cabinet meeting and announced this decision to his cabinet colleagues who were also taken by surprise. Interestingly, this has happened less than a day after Jagan met Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao at a wedding in Hyderabad.

All the media houses have reported that both the CMs have spoken privately for some time. Connecting the dots, there is a theory floating on the social media that KCR may have given this idea to Jagan to distract the public from the issue of Chandrababu‘s abuses in the assembly or to avoid legal issues.

Also, this is not an out-of-air conclusion. KCR’s close aide and former CEO of Namasthe Telangana, Katta Shekar Reddy tweeted something out of blue on Amaravati last night. He went on to say the bills can not sustain the legal scrutiny and should be withdrawn.

Sekhar Reddy, a Telangana man tweeting about Amaravati exactly on the D-Day and saying something which exactly happened can not be a coincidence, people believe. It is hard to believe that all these things are mere coincidences. If that is not a coincidence, Shekar Reddy also termed the three capitals idea as a Thuglaq act.

Does that mean this repealing is not temporary? Will Jagan push the three capitals idea permanently into the backburner?