Ram-Mohan-Naidu-KinjarapuOne of the many principal complaints against the chief minister of AP, YS Jagan has been his disregard to Amaravati. His three capitals proposal has drawn an expected weak response. Now, TDP young gun Rammohan Naidu has pointed out the same.

“Three capitals is a finished chapter. No one cares about it anymore. People have even forgotten this proposal. I can confirm that once Chandrababu is back in power in AP, things will be set in order and the state will see progress again” Rammohan Naidu stated.

Rammohan Naidu added that Jagan deserves an Oscar award for his performance in the YS Vivek murder case that has tightened against Vivek, and ultimately YCP’s neck now.

“Jagan has so many disproportionate assets that we can start a new monetary scheme every month with his own personal money. He is the richest CM in all of India and his unaccounted funds will be a whole lot bigger” the TDP MP remarked.

The MP further added that Chandrababu will certainly step in AP assembly as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh after the next elections.

While Jagan has been repeatedly changing the dates for the commencement of administration from his proposed Vizag, TDP is completely disregarding the same. They are pointing out that Jagan doesn’t have the resources to carry out the capital shift process.