YS Jagan -Three Capital: Is This The Right Definition of DecentralizationChief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s announcement of Three Capitals for Andhra Pradesh has become a point of discussion across the State. Jagan went on to say this is the best solution for the decentralization of Development. There were diverse opinions about if that is the right decision being mooted by the Government.

Experts say that the Decentralization of Development does not mean the Decentralization of the Government. Having the HODs and Officials at one place, Judiciary at the other place, and Legislative at another place will only create the problems of Governance.

Officials will have to fly one capital to another. In the process, the cost of execution goes up and they become inaccessible to the people. Decentralization of Development means spreading institutions and industries across the state. This move of the Government may spur real-estate due to hype in the short-term but will have long-term implications.

The Chief Minister had cited South Africa as an example of this idea but the fact is that South Africa Government is also mooting the idea of scrapping multiple capitals. This idea to please the masses will backfire on the state and may inflict irreversible damage. The Government better reconsider it.