Threat To Blow Up HollywoodIt’s always like in the movies, and if you thought goofy things happen only in movies or on long television shows, then here’s some reason to believe that some people derive pleasure in stretching the patience of the police department.

A man threatened to blow up California’s iconic Hollywood sign unless authorities pays him a ransom of $10,000.

But, funnily instead of calling Los Angeles Police in the famed Hollywood landmark’s backyard, it is reported that the would-be bomber dialed the police in the sleepy town of Hollywood, Florida by mistake. There is a city named ‘Hollywood’ in Florida state.

Hollywood, California, and Hollywood, Florida are two different parts of the U.S., almost 2,700 Kms away.

The prestigious ‘Hollywood’ monument in LA is under 24×7 surveillance with help from a non-profit Hollywood Sign Trust. In the past, two efforts were made to vandalize it. Some pranksters tried to change it to Hollyboobs, and later, somebody changed it to Hollyweeds.