This YSRCP MLA Is Another Bandla GaneshWonder how an MLA is related to a film actor cum producer Bandla Ganesh. Yes, there is a distant relationship. Going into the details, Sattenapalli YSR Congress MLA Ambati Rambabu has been tested positive for Coronavirus. He himself revealed this with a selfie video.

“I woke up with cold and body pains and got tested. I got positive and I am going to quarantine. I am informing this asking not to disturb me,” the MLA said. This is the third time the MLA got tested positive for Coronavirus. He got tested positive in all three waves of Coronavirus in India.

This scenario is just like how Bandla Ganesh has tested positive in all three waves of Coronavirus. India has been clocking more than 2.5 Lakh cases every day and they may go up further after the festive season. Scores of film personalities and Political leaders are getting infected in this wave.

Luckily, this variant seems to be less serious with very few hospitalizations and oxygen needing cases. We wish the MLA a speedy recovery!