ys jaganAll eyes are on Open Heart With RK Program which will be telecast on Sunday. YSR Telangana Party President YS Sharmila is the Chief Guest for the first episode and the promo of this program is out the other day. It looks like RK has managed to ask some very controversial.

Sharmila’s answers for Differences in the family, Jagan Jail, Viveka’s Murder will be interesting to watch for. Going by whatever is present in the promo, it looks like she has opened up. But then, not these answers, one more thing causes the biggest heartburn for Jagan supporters.

RK asks Sharmila if he should address her as Sharmila or Sharmi and says he would call her Sharmi like how their family does. She also keeps calling RK as Anna. Given the hatred and the venom the YSR supporters have for RK over the years, this will be the biggest heartburn for Jagan supporters.

The show is likely to garner bumper ratings tomorrow. Sharmila’s answers can trouble Jagan big time politically.