This Thanksgiving Might Turn Out Most DangerousThanksgiving season is here and families have elaborate holiday plans. This means commuting to meet families across the US. However, the National Safety Council (NSC) said if the estimate holds true, then this year’s Thanksgiving may see the maximum number of road accidents.

The cops are anticipating that there will be more drink-and-drive cases this year, which is why they are issuing early warnings.

The holiday deaths could increase from 452 to 588 days NSC and adds that usage of seat belts will surely control the problem. Also, a ‘Click it or Ticket campaign will be ongoing during the holiday weekend, which means drivers who aren’t wearing seatbelts will be ticketed.

Hundreds of local and state police personnel are ramping up enforcement and patrols for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last year, 18 people were killed during Thanksgiving, which was the second deadliest holiday period of the year.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon has warned people not to indulge in too much partying and avoid big buys like TVs, refrigerators, and any fancy gadgets to stay afloat post-holiday season as the recession has kicked in.