Aakash Narwala Ban Supreme CourtIndia being the second country to hold the highest number of internet users, has got the most exposure to the porn websites. In this smart phone era, there are young below 10th standard who are using the internet most only to watch porn. Can you believe it?

A teenager, Akash from Rajasthan has raised his Voice against porn. He was fed up with his colleagues and the friend’s circle who are addicted to porn. He then joined his voice to the plea at the court which is against the free flow of websites onto the internet creating a Social nuisance and to ban the inappropriate websites.

As Akash says, kids of the fourth and fifth standard have also become the victims of the pornography. He witnessed youngsters watching the porn all the time and worried about the impact of the same on them in future as the videos make them assume the women as an object of fun and that is how the new generation loses its morals.

There should more Akash’s who won’t fall into the trap of Pornography but stand up and fight against it.