Nimmala RamanaiduEarlier TDP cadre and leaders used to be most agile on ground-level agitations after communists. But then, in recent times, the leaders have developed laziness making ground-level agitations confined only to photo-ops. As a result, the ground-level connection with the people has gone and the party weakened.

But one MLA is showing the way of how it should be done. He is none other than Palakol MLA Nimmala Ramanaidu. He is one leader who knows the three secrets of success – Work, fight and publicize. He has led the most anti-government agitations in his constituency than any other TDP leader in the last three years and continues to be strongest among all the sitting MLAs.

Currently, he is taking up a cycle yatra from Palakol to Amaravati demanding that the remaining 10% works in TIDCO houses (constructed during Chandrababu’s regime) and hand over them to the beneficiaries. Not just working, Nimmala also ensures good publicity for his work. That is another most important factor for any leader in public service in this age of media and social media.

If any TDP leader is serious, he should be taking a cue from what this MLA is doing.