Nara - LokeshTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh‘s Guntur tour earlier this week has become a sensation. He has got arrested for the first time in his career and cases were lodged under various sections. Lokesh’s speeches and conduct in this tour has impressed everyone.

The TDP cadre has got the much-needed boost with this tour. Keeping aside what TDP cadre feels, it is interesting to note that the young leader has started to erase the bad image of a poor orator. The opinion of the people is changing and that can be felt online.

Going through the comments on YouTube sections where in all kinds of people are present, people are recognizing his positive makeover both in terms of Body language and speeches. There are never before seen level of positive comments which means Lokesh is going in the right direction.

YSR Congress will repent that fact that it has allowed that to happen by trying to stop him with Arrests.