This Should Be The Biggest Challenge For Lokesh Before 2024 Telugu Desam Party is on a high with the super success of Mahanadu in Ongole. Chandrababu himself is bustling with energy saying that war will be one side in 2024 elections.

YSR Congress had unleashed Divyavani to divert the public attention. On the other hand, TDP is gearing up to hit the ground.

Buzz is that Nara Lokesh will be undertaking a Padayatra from October 2nd and Chandrababu Naidu will begin a Bus yatra covering two districts per month.

Before Padayatra, Lokesh may have a task at hand. There is a gap between TDP and the new voters. This generation did not know have much knowledge about TDP and its laurels.

They are very badly influenced by the Whatsapp propaganda unleashed by the IPAC and also the caste and film fights on social media.

It is important to erase those inhibitions in that generation and Lokesh is TDP’s best bet to do that.

Lokesh has suffered the most due to the Whatsapp propaganda. It is also important for him to evolve as a leader erasing that opinion.

Lokesh had put an ambitious effort after 2019 to change his image and is largely successful.

From the dreadful campaign run on him, he has managed to change the opinion in neutral people and he also silenced his detractors. They are in denial about the change in Lokesh but are acknowledging with their silence.

So, he is the right one to take up this challenge as well.

Even if TDP manages to win 2024 without changing the mindset of this generation, it will be still be detrimental for the party I’m the long run.