Etela Rajender -KCRABN Radhakrishna has this knack of bringing the celebrities who are in the news to his Open Heart With RK. This time he has brought in Etela Rajender who has created a sensation with a superb victory in Huzurabad By-election. The episode will be aired tomorrow and it looks like Eatala has revealed some interesting Insider details.

KCR trusts no one around him. It is tough to be with some one who does not trust us. On one occasion, I cried inconsolable. He should me hell. Forget about as Minister, he does not even recognize as a person,” Eatala Rajendar reveals saying this is the true face of the Telangana Chief Minister.

“KCR conspired to ensure I am not in the Assembly but people stood by me. My wife played an important role in my victory. She said she would kill me if I compromise. She even told sell all our properties if necessary,” Eatala Rajender revealed. KCR faced no dissent from insiders of the party after 2014 elections.

So, this will be an interesting interview to watch out for. But then, given that Eatala is in an Opposition party to KCR, people will naturally take these comments with a pinch of salt. And then, in the middle of a wave of anti-incumbency, a good number of people will also believe that.