This Is The Root Cause Of All The Problems Of TDPYS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has completed the half of its term. There are many signs of anti-incumbency against the Government. Incidentally, at the same time in Chandrababu’s tenure, there is no anti-incumbency of this sort. That should be a positive sign for TDP.

But then, the results of local elections does not reflect that. It is true that Ruling Parties will have advantage in such elections. But then, there is one more big problem for TDP. Only the Top Leadership and the cadre is active in TDP. The leaders at the constituencies level are totally inactive..

COVID-19 has impacted ground level programs of Chandrababu considering his age but Lokesh has taken his place and is decently active. The party is also making the best use of social media. There should be no complaints with the cadre of TDP. They stay active when there is a leadership leading them.

The party is getting good results in constituencies like Tadipatri, Narsipatnam, and Bobbili because there are good leaders who motivate the cadre and keep them active. That energy is lacking in the leaders of other constituencies. That is the reflection of the poor results elsewhere. They should come out of the deep slumber to make use of the anti-incumbency against the Government.