This Is The Real 'Devudi Leela' JaganAndhra Pradesh Government has filed an affidavit about Amaravati in the high Court the other day. The Government sought more time to complete the capital as per the plan and said the six months time given by the court is not enough.

The Government informed the court that it would need at least 60 months to complete the work. The Government which is keen on three capitals saying something like this a big surprise.

Apart from that, it is also a clean-chit to Chandrababu Naidu. Jagan and his propaganda machinery repeatedly claimed that TDP Government did not lay a brick in Amaravati in five years time.

In the affidavit, Government mentioned that works to the tune of 43,000 Crore were grounded during Chandrababu’s regime and are in various stages. So, that single brick not laid theory got debunked automatically.

Also, by seeking 60 months (5 years) to complete the already grounded works, Jagan gave another clean-chit to Chandrababu. Chandrababu had to start from scratch i.e., identifying the capital to land pooling.

The allegations of delay in capital works are completely proven baseless. Furthermore, Chandrababu had to delay with an opposition which would file cases against Amaravati and write letters to World Bank to stop loans.

If Jagan has to start from scratch like Chandrababu, he would have asked for 6000 months time to complete the capital.

Jagan frequently says TDP got 23 MLAs because of Devudi Leela. But it takes a bigger Leela of God for Jagan himself to give clean-chit to Chandrababu on the allegations he himself made.