Jhansi Guraja | December 8, 2016 at 1:03 am |

This Is the Most Funniest Incident Post Notes Ban

dont-have-the-change-to-use-a-public-toilet-demonetizationAs Modi government is striving to drive the country towards cashless transactions, the online payment, and e-wallet usage has been raised significantly over the nation. Looking at the number of increased online payments, the operation seems to be fruitful , this incident in Madurai proves the impact of demonetization and the increased usage of cashless transactions.

A Man in Madurai used a public toilet and paid rupees 5 for the usage by cheque! The man has written a cheque to the name of “Public Toilet Madurai” as he couldn’t find change to pay for the usage of the toilet. This gave a sort of shock to the listeners. This man either has taken Modi’s words of cashless transactions too serious of was literally annoyed with the current situation.

The image of the cheque given for the toilet usage with 5 rupees written on it has gone viral on Facebook. This post has got a good number of views and shares too. People have also posted theirs comments appreciating the man for his idea.

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