YS Jagan mistakeCash-strapped Andhra Pradesh Government has come up with a craze idea to make money. It has introduced a scheme called OTS – One Time Settlement. The scheme basically registers the houses granted to the poor since 1983 for a price. It is costly 10,000 Rupees to 40,000 Rupees in various categories.

While the government says this is completely optional scheme, volunteers and government officials are using all means to pressurize the people to pay up basing on the oral instructions from the higher-ups. But then, political analysts feel that this can be a suicidal move from Jagan.

Until now, only the people who are not getting freebies are mostly angry on Jagan Government. For the first time, he has started hitting the poor and lower middle class who until now is the vote bank of Jagan due to the freebies. They were happy until money got credited in their accounts.

But now, can not take this scheme paying money for the houses they got many years ago. This is almost equal to cutting the branch Jagan is sitting on. Opposition is looking to blow the issue to their benefit saying Jagan is giving with one hand and taking with another.