This Is Cheating Says Jagan's Biggest Support BaseYouth voters played an important role in the sensational victory of Jagan in 2019. They have connected to Jagan’s Young image and aggressive speeches and voted en masse. But things seem to be rapidly changing especially for those who are aspirants of Government jobs.

Already the Government has disappointed them big time with the Job Calendar. The promise of a Mega DSC did not happen even though we are into the third year of Jagan’s rule. The promise of 6500 Police jobs every year is more like a joke now.

At this point, Jagan’s decision to increase the retirement age of Government employees from 60 years to 62 years came as a big shock to them. Two years of extra service means the existing employees will sit in their seats for two more years and that means fewer vacancies.

The job aspirants are fuming at Jagan about what they call blatant lies and cheating. At the same time, Government employees are not happy as they are disappointed about Fitment and HRA. The announcements were welcomed by the employee associations but not the real employees.