JanaSena-Pawan-Kalyan-Tweets-Narendra-ModiJanasena President Pawan Kalyan met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Vishakapatnam visit on Friday. After the meeting, Pawan Kalyan spoke to the media and looked very tired and dull.

Even though Pawan Kalyan did not make any adverse comments about Modi or BJP, people tried to Decipher things from Pawan Kalyan’s face.

After the meeting, neither the PMO nor Janasena released the pictures of the meeting. The pictures were released by the Janasena party a day after the meeting.

And now, three days after the meeting, Pawan Kalyan let out a series of tweets praising Narendra Modi’s personality and leadership sky-high.

He tweeted the same praises in Telugu as well as Hindi.

At the time of writing this article, the Prime Minister did not reciprocate the praise by saying Thanks.

It has to be also noted here that Pawan Kalyan did not commit anything about Janasena and BJP alliance so far after the meeting.

Even in the previous speech, he mentioned dissatisfaction with BJP, and he told he had high regard for Modi. Pretty much he maintained the same even after that meeting.