They Killed YSR In A Conspiracy: SharmilaA few days ago, TRS MLAs have complained to the Speaker about the foul language being used by YS Sharmila. Using this, Sharmila is trying to become relevant in Telangana Politics.

The YSRTP President has now made sensational comments on her father’s death.

“They conspired against my father (YSR) and killed him. They are trying to kill me. I am a YSR’s daughter. I am a Puli Bidda and I don’t fear anyone”, she said.

Earlier in the Opposition, Jagan also made similar conspiracy allegations on YSR’s death. Back then, we have seen YSR Congress cadres attacking Reliance Marts alleging that Ambani is behind YSR’s death.

But then, Ambani’s close-aide Parimal Nathwani has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha after Jagan came to power.

So not many people will easily believe when Sharmila makes such allegations.

Sharmila is all set to contest from Khammam district Paleru constituency in the forthcoming assembly elections. Paleru constituency has been the bastion of Congress for ages. The Reddy community is the dominant force here.

Except for the by-election in 2016 when TRS’s Tummala Nageshwar Rao won, Congress has been winning the constituency since 1999. The grand-old party won the constituency in five elections.

Kandala Upender Reddy, who contested from Congress in the last Assembly elections won.