These Are The Voices Pawan Kalyan Should ListenJanasena President Pawan Kalyan had mandated the presence of the BJP in two of the three options he has for the 2024 elections.

But the ground-level cadre and leaders seem to be not very interested in the idea. They understand the fact that BJP does not contribute electorally and may even prove counterproductive.

Janasena Tadepalligudem incharge, Bolisetty Srinivas opined the same in an interview.

“Just because of BJP, we are losing out on the votes of Dalits and Minorities. Janasena is paying price for BJP’s mistakes,” he said.

“Government is filing illegal cases on our leaders. Our leader is being criticized. And you don’t care. You are not even doing lip service if our leader’s films are stopped here. We will turn into ashes even if your shade falls on us,” he added.

Bolisetty is one of the leaders who stay on the ground and has a decent vote bank himself. Tadepalligudem is the seat that has a decent presence for Janasena.

But then, in Janasena, sane leaders like Bolisetty are not projected. Only those who have caste issues with TDP and those who have secret nexus with YSR Congress are projected on TV.

Their views further pollute the minds of social media youth who are mostly into film and caste rivalry.