There Can't Be A Bigger Insult For JanasenaThis time MAA Association elections are going to be high profile with Prakash Raj, Vishnu Manchu, and Jeevitha Rajasekhar contesting for the President post. Prakash Raj and Vishnu are hopeful that Chiranjeevi’s support may tilt the contest in their favor.

Meanwhile, Nagababu is supporting Prakash Raj big time. He attended a TV channel debate in support of Prakash Raj and thwarted the non-local allegation on the actor. “Prakash Raj is a nationally famous actor. What is non-local about it?” he asked.

He cited the example of Pawan Kalyan being in Janasena and Chiranjeevi in Congress while still being from the same family. While saying this example, Nagababu all of sudden forgot the word ‘Janasena’ and struggled a lot to remember it. The video has become viral on social media.

There are people who are saying there can not be a bigger insult for Janasena than Nagababu himself forgetting the party name. In fact, Nagababu contested as Narasapuram MP in the last elections and lost. He has been inactive in the party since then.