There Can Be No Bigger Insult For Jagan!A lot has been said and written about the financial condition of the state under YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. But here is a classic example of how bad it is.

The Department of Transport has written a letter to the state government on the convoys bills of the CM and VIPs.

In a letter, the transport department officials said that the old arrears of Rs 17.5 crore, which had accumulated over three years, should be paid immediately.

In case of not doing it, it will be very tough to arrange convoy vehicles, the letter said.

Officials brought the matter to the attention of the Transport Minister at a recent review meeting.

Authorities have asked that the arrears be settled to prevent a recurrence of incidents like the Ongole.

They urged to pay the bills immediately for the provision of vehicles in the convoy in the wake of the Chief Minister’s district tours starting soon.

For VIP convoys every year, Transport officials estimated that Rs 4.5 crore would be required.
The Department of Transport said in a letter to the government that the budget should be allocated to this extent and vehicle bills should be paid through a special account.

A bill of less than 20 Crore and that for the Chief Minister himself being pending for three years is totally disappointing.

Having a government department remind us about this is a big insult to the Jagan government.