The Praja Rajyam Party Test for Pawan KalyanAll the Exit Poll Surveys that got released the other day totally wrote off Janasena Party. Lagadapati’s Survey gave around 10% Vote Share and around three seats to Janasena. Most of the National Media Surveys wrote the party off totally into the Others Column and did not discuss Janasena in their panel discussions.

Janasena supporters are expecting that the National Media which is always known for failing to gauge the ground in the South. The cadre is completely demoralized and the big question now is if Janasena can match the performance of Praja Rajyam Party and if Pawan Kalyan can win both his seats.

Praja Rajyam back then had 19.196% Vote Share in Seema Andhra (Excluding Telangana, 2009 Elections happened in United AP). At best, the surveys have given approximately 10% Vote Share for Pawan Kalyan which means half of what Chiranjeevi managed and in terms of seats, nowhere near.

The next five years will be the testing period for Pawan Kalyan’s Character and Patience. There will be immense pressure on him to come back to films and people will write him off in Politics. Janasena’s future will depend on how Pawan Kalyan resists the temptation and stay with the people.