The Moment Where Narendra Modi Became DadaWe all know Prime Minister Narendra Modi is single and have no children. Yet he became a Dada of a four year old. A Dada (the grandfather) came out of him at once on Monday while he was on his cavalcade at his home place, Gujarat.

A four-year-old girl named Nancy moved out from the huge crowd that came to wave to their Prime Minister and was seen walking towards Modi’s moving convoy all of a sudden. She was first stopped by the security but then was taken to Modi upon asked by himself. Modi has a little conversation with the girl for a couple of minutes and sent her back to her people.

Nancy was calling Modi “Dada” and said that he spoke to her nicely, also asked her name, and about the watch that she was wearing. Modi is indeed a man of surprises. People around started to chant Modi’s name while he was in the meet with Nancy.