Narendra Modi Next Decision After 500 1000 Rupees BanAfter the shocking announcement of Modi, India is busy in restoring their currency by exchange, deposition, and withdrawal. Some are still thinking of the possible ways to retain their undisclosed money.

While this net for catching black money is set out, it doesn’t seem the hunt ends here. Narendra Modi seems to have more plans in his hand. Today at a reception, he warned the corrupt that there is no guarantee of other schemes to be announced to punish them and none will be spared. He stated that more anti-black money actions will be taken after December 30th.

He assured the sincere that they need not be worried about the ban as their money can be redeemed and in case of any unaccounted money found, the inspection would be held from its roots.

He commented on that the folks know their president well and are intelligent as they presented the black money to Ganga rather than being caught by depositing in banks. Witty, isn’t he?