janasena--jd-lakshminarayana-resignsFormer CBI JD Lakshminarayana has quit Janasena Party. He went on to say that Pawan Kalyan going back on his word of not doing movies reflects his unstable nature and so, he is not interested to continue in the party. This has come as shock for Janasena’s Rank and File.

One more interesting observation here is that Lakshminarayana who is known for his Right-wing inclination joined the party when Pawan Kalyan was inclined towards Left. And now, he is leaving the party when Pawan Kalyan has opted for Right-Wing Politics by joining hands with BJP.

Lakshminarayana looked uncomfortable in the party right after the elections. He barely attended any meetings of the party ever since Janasena got dismal results and even Pawan Kalyan did not look like giving him importance or some responsibility within the party.

Whatever may be the reason, one of the most hyped political careers paused after a very short journey.