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The BJP Puzzle for Jagan?

The BJP Puzzle for YS Jaganxtending Unconditional Support to BJP in Presidential Elections and Touching the feet of Ram Nath Kovind are the best possible ways for YSR Congress to write a love letter to BJP for a Possible alliance in 2019 elections. But then, such a plan, if materialized, will come with its own set of problems.

If at all Jagan has any issue for 2019 elections, it should be the Special Status issue which can be raked only by tendering the Resignations of MPs. Alliance with BJP will mean that it is not possible. Also, such an alliance will mean that minorities will move towards TDP.

BJP at the same time is no fool to agree to a Post-Poll alliance as the Saffron Party can not win a single seat without an alliance with some strong party. So, Jagan is quite undecided about the alliance. Jagan is still looking forward to the alliance banking on the Modi Wave.

But the big question is if Modi Wave exists in Andhra Pradesh especially after Center went back on all the promises it made to AP. This scenario is a catch 22 for Jagan as any wrong step here may land him in Jail which will only compound his problems.