The Biggest Lesson For CBN In Five State ResultsBJP has once again stamped its authority. In the results of five states today, BJP has won in three states including the big state Uttar Pradesh.

AAP had an overwhelming victory in Punjab big time. Leaving aside the obvious inferences in these results, there is a big lesson for Chandrababu Naidu or any other party.

The parties which have ears to the ground are winning. There is a big mismatch between the ground reality and the perception of some political parties and media.

For an instance, no one expected this big wave of AAP in Punjab until the exit polls came.

Serious politicians like Chandrababu Naidu should hire some big and credible survey agencies. They should get reports every six months and work accordingly.

The traditional ways of collecting ground reports are obsolete now. It’s high time credible survey agencies like Axis My India, P-MARQ is hired.

This is a big problem with Chandrababu Naidu for a very long time. He has ignored it for quite a while now but it should be no longer the case if these results are any indication.