Chandrababu Naidu Links Skill Development To Youth StipendWhat is the indication of any Party coming to Power in the next elections? Before the people or anyone else, the leaders of the other parties realize that a party is coming to Power. These Jump Jilanis cannot live without power and try to move towards Greener Pastures.

We have seen a see of joinings in TDP before 2014. But then, there are no joinings in YSR Congress or Janasena even though the elections are not even a year away. Some of the former MLAs and leaders who are sure they can not get a ticket in TDP are shifting to YSRCP.

But there are no significant joinings. Janasena does not have even those. We have seen several joinings as such when Chiranjeevi floated Praja Rajyam Party. We have seen even Senior Leaders like Devender Gowd, C Ramachandraiah joining the Party. But what happened later is history.

It looks like Praja Rajyam memories are haunting the leaders and also Pawan Kalyan’s unstable nature fails to impress them. Does this indicate Chandrababu Naidu will return to Power for a Second Term? Only Time will Answer That Question for now.