the-art-of-burning-bridges-authors-pawan-kalyan-and-jagan-reddyJanasena president Pawan Kalyan and opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy are involved in a war of words for the last few days. When Pawan Kalyan has targeted the cases of Jagan for the last few days, the opposition leader came back heavily criticizing the personal side of Pawan Kalyan. This tirade has come as a surprise as well as a shock to everyone.

One simply could not understand why the leaders are coming back at each other so heavily instead of fighting a common enemy together. This is the mistake done in 2009 as well. The Praja Rajyam party and TDP instead of fighting against the incumbent government fought among themselves. We do not know if that was intentional or not given that Chiranjeevi merged his party into Congress later on.

It is evident that Praja Rajyam party has divided the anti-government vote and benefited the ruling party then. Things are happening in the same direction at least for now and Chandrababu Maybe beaming with happiness when he sees his opposition fight against each other. Furthermore YS Jaganmohan Reddy is taking the rivalry to next level by totally burning the bridges beyond repair.

Whatever it may be there a reason, Jagan should not have gone personal. The Opposition Leader firmly believes that the alliances of Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 costed him badly and made him sit in the Opposition. In such a scenario, Jagan should not be targeting the other formidable force in the opposition. We can expect an equally strong reaction from Pawan Kalyan as well now and it will only worsen the things. The Blame is on Pawan Kalyan as well. He can not form the government on his own at least in 2019. He cannot be harsh on Jagan if he is looking for a Karnataka like a fortune for Janasena.