Ramoji-Rao-Vundavalli-Aruna-Kumar-Margadarsi-Chit (1)Undavalli Arun Kumar is celebrating over Supreme Court’s judgment on Margadarsi. The other day, he got felicitated by some of his friends after he declared victory after seventeen years in his battle against Ramoji Rao.

The meeting was presided by Nagarjuna Reddy, an auditor who is known for his Pro-Jagan YouTube videos and interviews.

He also says he will halt the criticism of Jagan Mohan Reddy for some time because he helped in the victory by filing an affidavit in the Margadarsi case.

“It’s my prerogative till when I will stop criticizing Jagan. Nobody can ask me because they are not unbiased,” Undavalli announced.

He also vented his frustration on Ramoji Rao, Eenadu, and even Keeravani.

Ramoji Rao became an icon for some reason. He has no laws. There is a gang that says we should live like Ramoji Rao. All these people are rich people. They say he never does mistakes. Even if he does, it is not a mistake,” Undavalli said. He was showing both hands (fat gesture) when saying these people are rich.

Targeting politicians is no big deal, but targeting someone apolitical like Keeravani and having no respect for their individual opinions is outright deplorable for a person who calls himself a Medhavi.

Undavalli has this habit of going after sensationalism. He is always keen on having people praise him as a Medhavi. Undavalli thought a powerful person like Ramoji Rao is apt to prove himself.

Since the Government is on his side now and the CID is at his disposal. They were able to trouble Ramoji Rao.

Undavalli has become ecstatic and is busy with felicitations and celebrations.

Forget about the so-called Gang and rich people supporting Ramoji Rao, even after Undavalli troubling for seventeen years and two governments up against Margadarsi, not a single depositor got worried about his money and protested.

Undavalli could not mobilize a single depositor against Ramoji Rao in all these seventeen years.

Even after so-called CID raids, Ramoji Rao’s questioning, and the Supreme Court judgment, no depositor is worried.

If he did something good for the depositors, YSRCP supporters need not have a felicitation meeting. The depositors themselves would do.

That is the credibility of Ramoji Rao Vs the credibility of Undavalli.

Coming to Undavalli’s statement about not criticizing Jagan for some time, no one in the state expects him to criticize Jagan in the last year before the elections. Everyone in the state knows that even before Undavalli himself.