That's Not A Bad Idea, Pawan Kalyan!Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has strongly reacted on YSR Congress cadre’s attack on a Janasena leader in Srikakulam for erecting a Flexi showcasing the bad condition of the roads and the Government’s failure in getting them repaired.

Pawan Kalyan found fault with the Police who remained as a mute spectator for the attacks. Asking them to be impartial, Pawan Kalyan said,”If Janasaniks are attacked, I will myself come on to roads. Please don’t ensure that happens”.

While Pawan Kalyan coming on to the roads may or may not be good for the Police, it is definitely good for Janasena party. Pawan Kalyan has completely disappeared from the political sphere after the Tirupati By-election. Even this protest against bad roads is planned online.

Only some party leaders are taking it offline. It’s not a bad idea for Janasena party if Pawan Kalyan comes on roads for any reason especially since Badvel By-election is going to happen in a month or two.