pawan-kalyan-films-Pink was a film that went beyond gender even while championing feminism. But when it was remade in Telugu, it all became about the greatness of the lawyer who fought for those girls because the lawyer’s role was played by Pawan Kalyan.

In a recent political meeting, Pawan Kalyan, while speaking to the public, said that there was a scene in Vakeel Saab where he was supposed to question a girl about her virginity. Pawan said he refused to utter the dialogue because he respected women and wouldn’t hurt their sentiments, even if it was only a film.

Pawan said that the makers tried to convince him by saying that Amitabh Bachchan and Ajith said the same dialogue in Hindi and Tamil versions without any inhibitions. But still, Pawan remained firm on his decision that he would not say that dialogue.

On social media, people are saying that for his political agenda, Pawan diluted the impact of that scene. There was nothing degrading about the dialogue when seen in the context of the film. That dialogue would have added a lot of weightage to the scene and heightened the impact of the overall film by highlighting the subject of feminism which the film wanted to convey. But because of Pawan’s stubbornness, without understanding the context, that scene became pale.

Pawan Kalyan should understand that because of such decisions, he is not able to make a strong impact in films or politics. It is always dangerous to travel in two boats simultaneously.