That's A Promise To My Mother: LokeshFormer Minister Nara Lokesh is in Vishakapatnam to attend the hearing of a defamation case he filed on Sakshi against an intentional malicious news item. He spoke to the media after the court hearing and responded to the insult to his mother in the assembly.

“My mother is insulted on the floor of the house. Will Jagan be okay if the same happens to his mother or his wife or his two daughters? I will not talk about them because it is not my culture. But I will not leave anyone who is involved in insulting my other,” Lokesh said.

“I will fight so that no other mother will face an insult like this. I will not leave them after 2024. I will not leave them until who bad-mouthed my mother will ask for an apology. This is the promise to my mother,” the former minister challenged in the presence of a huge crowd of cadre.

Lokesh also informed the party cadre that he is planning to start district tours next month to rejuvenate the leaders and the cadre.