Vundavalli Aruna Kumar JaganFormer MP and Political commentator Undavalli Arun Kumar criticized the Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana about the ongoing water wars. “What exactly are you trying to do? These are issues that can be resolved in a single meeting. You both are anyways friends,” Undavalli questioned.

“CM Jagan says he is not speaking because he is worried about the safety of our people in Telangana. Who are our people? Are Telangana people not Indians? Is this a statement a Chief should make,” he criticized? “KCR has a stature of becoming National leader. Why is he getting into these petty issues?” he asked.

“History will not excuse KCR if he denies water to Rayalaseema which is more backward than Rayalaseema,” Undavalli told KCR. The Former MP also advised Jagan to listen to the oustees of the Polavaram project. “Only then you will get the pro-poor brand like your father,” he told Jagan.

Vundavalli Aruna Kumar demanded that a minister should be assigned to look into the issue on priority.