Thadikonda: MLA Sridevi Faces Heat From Own Party Cadre!Guntur district Tadikonda MLA Dr. Undavalli Sridevi and her dissident group on Monday organized the ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’ program separately.

MLA Sridevi visited Ponnekallu while her opponents conducted the program in the SC colony in Nidumukkala and asked people if they were receiving welfare schemes.

The Dissident leaders accused the development in the villages got crippled due to the negligent attitude of the MLA.

They accuse her of taking commissions from TDP leaders and agents.

“True YSR Congress activists are angry that injustice is being done. Any work is happening only if we give money. MLA Sridevi is trying to weaken the party,” they said.

“We brought to her notice the major problems in Thadikonda Mandal like drinking water, Lam Chapta, and Kondaveeti Vaagu. None of them were solved. She is nominally running Gadapa Gadapaku program but she really has no idea to go to the people and solve the problems,” they added.

A ZPTC, Vice MPP, Marketyard Chairman, Nine MPTCs Former MPPs, Former Marketyard Chairmen, and local leaders have participated in the Gadapa Gadapaku program against the MLA.