TFI Supporters Of Jagan: Risked Careers, Got CheatedWe do not know the motive but many from the film industry paraded with Jagan before 2019 elections. These are not big stars (except for Mohanbabu and Jeevitha Rajasekhar) and have kept their careers in risk while supporting Jagan.

The likes of Prudhvi and Posani Krishna Murali earned new enemies lost opportunities. But then, none of them were benefitted or recognized after coming to power.

Prudhvi was made SVBC Chairman but was ceremoniously shunted out. Prudhvi claims that some of the party insiders framed him.

Mohanbabu who foiled his relations with Chandrababu was fuming now. Rumors are that he is unable to even get Jagan’s appointment. We have seen him venting the frustration in an interview.

Similar is the case with Rajasekhar and Jeevitha. Posani, Prudhvi, and Hema are rarely getting any offers these days in big films. Posani is even on the hit list of Pawan Kalyan Fans.

The latest addition to the list is Ali. There were reports that Ali will be made Wakf Board Chairman or a Rajya Sabha MP. His name did not figure in the list the other day.

All those supported Jagan have lost more and gained nothing. Forget about any posts or monetary gains, they do not get minimum respect or appointment of Jagan.

On the top of it, we have seen how Jagan treated the industry in the last couple of years. All of these people got impacted directly or indirectly.

In 2024, we may not see any support for YSR Congress from the industry.