TFI Jagan DownfallApart from Jagan’s rivals, Tollywood also seems to be super happy after the rather humiliating loss of YSRCP in the graduate MLC elections. One producer who does not want to be named has said that Chandrababu is showing Jagan stars for stalling their films and harassing them.

Many in the industry now feel that all the harassment meted out to them in the past few years is now coming back to Jagan and his party.

Never before in history have we seen stars, producers, and directors queuing up outside the CM’s office to beg for a smooth release of their films. The biggest people in the film industry had to stand with their folded hands in front of YS Jagan before the release of their films.

Jagan’s government provided various hurdles for big-ticket films, and many ended up being failures because of the ticket prices shoved down their throats by the YSRCP government. Right from producers to theatre owners, Jagan’s government has been tormenting each of them.

In 2019, many industry people came in support of Jagan. But after forming the government, YS Jagan started harassing those people only. They were silently waiting for revenge.

Now after YCP’s embarrassing defeat in the MLC elections, the Telugu film industry is enjoying the downfall of Jagan and his government and is keenly awaiting the 2024 elections when Jagan’s party will be thrown out.