El_Paso_Texas_USA_mass_shootingJust days after the mass shooting at the Michigan State University, another such incident has happened at Texas.

As per the latest reports, there was a mass shooting at a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas. There are reports of multiple rounds of firing.

Reportedly, 1 person is killed in the shooting and at least 3 are injured. There are also other reports that 4 people got injured.

Videos from inside the mall tell a horrifying story as we see people running for cover after hearing gunfire. These videos are breaking the hearts of netizens on social media now.

The shooter is in police custody now and it is being determined if the victims were targeted or if it is another heinous act of random mass shooting.

Another shocking thing here is that this mall is right next door to a Walmart facility where a criminal named Patrick Wood killed 23 people by opening fire. This happened just a few years ago, and now, there’s another mass shooting in close vicinity.