Temperorary secretariateThe Temporary Secretariat works in Capital Region of Andhra Pradesh are going on at brisk pace. Works are going on non-stop day and night in multiple shifts. So far 25% of the total works are complete. According to the estimates, the construction of the buildings will cost 201 Crores.

Another 100 Crores are need for beautification, furniture and interiors. The necessary water connections and power supply would need another 100 Crore. The construction companies L&T and Shapoorpollanji are confident of finishing the works by June. The government is planning to name these buildings as ‘Interim Government Buildings Complex’.

Government will be running few bachelor hostels for the employees in the close proximity to the Temporary Secretariat. Bus facility will also be provided to reach the secretariat. 6000 employees in June, 3000 in July and 3000 in August will be shifted from Hyderabad to Amaravathi.